Another Day

Winter just keeps dragging out it seems. Cloud cover and rainy can make the days long on top of pasture is wet and muddy. You go in and hope you do not get stuck. If you do, who gets to walk to the tractor to pull the truck out! Lol. We just look at each other, my husband doesn’t want me on his dozer and it’s the closest thing. He walks! 😀

Ready for a change!

A farmer doesn’t mind taking care of everything and counting the new calves every day, but I’m ready for the change! I need to start seeds and need the warm weather and sunshine! Never boring around here, we do it together but sometimes I look at my spouse and think Did you really just do that!


Well I guess March is coming in like a lion here. Getting ready for the cold again praying our heifers wait to finish calving. Those little calves sure can enter the world in tough situations. So far we’ve had pretty good luck, lost only 1 calve coming backwards and upside down. With God’s good graces we’ll be okay!