Well I guess March is coming in like a lion here. Getting ready for the cold again praying our heifers wait to finish calving. Those little calves sure can enter the world in tough situations. So far we’ve had pretty good luck, lost only 1 calve coming backwards and upside down. With God’s good graces we’ll be okay!

Waiting on Spring!

I haven’t written much lately, we’ve been busy with feeding and keeping up with things here.

I’m ready for Spring, we’ve had some nice days with the cold ones and I’m so ready to start planting things! Our place needs cleaned up from Winter and I need to see green grass and flowers with garden vegetables growing!

Ready for a slow down!

Well I haven’t written lately, been way to busy over the holidays. Our daughter and her family was here then I had an Uncle that we had just heard he had lung cancer. He passed away on the 30th so we buried him today. It was a very sad day for my mothers family. There were 13 kids and all are gone now including my mom except 4. I have a lot of awesome memories with this family. I love them all.